BestCut carving knife

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15 cm
20 cm
25 cm
  • Pointed tip
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • For carving and filleting
  • With special hardening
  • Extra sharp due to hand sharpening
  • Blade made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel
  • Forged
Medium tipped

Blades forged from a single piece of steel. With very much carbon (X55) for particularly good durability of the cutting edge. 
Very fine polishing and grinding finish so that nothing sticks to the blade. Hardened in a vacuum to 56-57 HRC. The final sanding and honing is done by the hand of a master craftsman and guarantees effortless cutting.


The silky soft handle fits particularly well and securely in the hand. The handles are firmly connected together with 3 stainless steel rivets.  
The material is particularly durable and can even withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.  (short-time contact) 
As an indication of quality, each blade is labelled with an individual and sequential number. 

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