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How to maintain your GIESSER knives – tips for professional care

Our knives with a plastic handle are dishwasher-proof. We nonetheless recommend that you clean them by hand to prevent staining,
the build-up of extraneous rust, and to protect the cutting edge of the blade. After cleaning, keep your knives safe with protectors and by storing them in our knife blocks or Gastronorm tray insets. We also offer a wide range of knife bags, cases and boxes to help you transport your Giesser knives safely.

Store your knives in a dry, secure place. Never leave them lying around near children.

Giesser knives are very sharp. Be careful when cleaning, drying and handling their blades.
Never abuse your knife as a can opener, screw driver, lever or cleaver.

Regularly sharpen the blade with a honing steel or a fine whetstone. This maximises the useful life of the cutting edge and keeps it sharp.

Use a cutting board made from wood or plastic.
Marble and granite boards damage the blade.

Our plastic handles are very low-maintenance.
Wooden handles benefit from occasional treatments with suitable oils.
Wooden handles should be cleaned with warm water, never let them rest in water for too long time otherwise the wood swells up.

After contact with fruit acid and other food containing acids (eg. mustard) immediately clean the knife blade.
When possible clean your knives by hand: thus you prevent that the blade gets in contact with aggressive detergents or chlorine water for too long.
If cleaning in a dishwasher take care that only detergents are used that are recommended by the cutlery industry.

Our guarantee
GIESSER uses only materials, that comply
with european food hygiene laws.


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