Social and athletic commitment is important to us:
Because of that we'd like to mention the following organisations/sports clubs.


The Butcher Wolf Pack at the WBC in Sacramento, California
The Butcher Wolf Pack is an association of butchers who stand together for the butcher trade and represent Germany as a national team at the World Butchers Challenge
The World Butchers Challenge are hosted from August 13-14, 2021 in Sacramento, California and 14 nations will be participating with their national teams.
As a proud sponsor we wish the national team much success in the preparation and for the championship in Sacramento!

More information on the Butcher Wolf Pack here >>
More information on the World Butcher Challenge here >>



German national butcher's team

We at GIESSER, are very happy that we can support the national butcher's team as a gold sponsor.
We keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming competitions and wish them all the best as ambassadors for the butcher's trade.

Image source: Erik Przybilla
More information here >>



Daniel Nonnenmann and his S.W.A.T BBQ-Crew have had an exiting year with 2018.
The 8-member team based around Stuttgart took first place in the amateur grill championship in Fulda in 2017 and with their 6th participation in a row they have now been promoted to the professional class.
Thanks to their outstanding performance during the competitions, the S.W.A.T. BBQ Team became the German vice grill master of the professionals!

We are happy to support the S.W.A.T BBQ-Team and , das S.W.A.T BBQ-Team unterstützen zu können and keep our fingers crossed for a successful competition season 2019.

More information on S.W.A.T. BBQ  here >>



"Das Fleischerhandwerk - wir sind anders e.V."
"Butchery is different than some people may think. You and we know that. And that is exactly what we want to pass on to everyone else - that is our goal", said the boys and girls of the club "Wir sind anders e.V.".
In order to show how diverse and interesting the butcher's craft is, twelve young women - who love their job in the butcher's craft - joined forces and exchanged the sausage kitchen and the butcher's counter for a day for a photo studio.
Following that a calendar was made and then the club "Wir sind anders e.V."

Unconventional, creative and versatile - that is what the calendar and the association convey. They want to clear up prejudices and want to raise interest in the butcher's trade, especially among young people.

In the meantime, some young men have also joined the club and will be on the calendar for the first time next year.

We are happy to be able support the club, the people behind it and the craft and appreciate the successful movie which was made during the calendar production.

The movie MAKING OF CALENDAR 2019  here >>
More information on "Wir sind anders e.V."  here >>



The industry award from the magazine chefs! is awarded to socially competent trainers in the cooking profession who are exemplary in their commitment to the next generation. Award-winning instructors who understand how to awaken enthusiasm and passion for the cooking profession among young people. They are looking for companies that offer modern, well-equipped training positions and ensure fair working hours.
GIESSER is proud to be able to contribute to this as a sponsor.

More information here >>



TVB 1898 Stuttgart
The GIESSER knife factory has been supporting the handball team of TVB 1898 Stuttgart for many years.
We are pleased that the TVB is now playing in the 1st handball league and wish them continued success.

TVB Homepage >>


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