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„Our knives are solid, honest, highly functional implements for your everyday needs.“

Hans-Joachim and Hermann Giesser talk about the history, culture and plans of the GIESSER Messerfabrik knife factory..

Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik.

Then as now.


“We only make knives that we would love to keep for ourselves.” That is the maxim that underpinned the foundation of GIESSER more than two centuries ago. Today, Hans-Joachim Giesser is
quick to emphasise: nothing has changed. He and his brother Hermann are the sixth generation
of Giessers managing the traditional knife factory, and they are ready for the future. “We are running an authentic, family-run company that has grown slowly and healthily out of a passion for precision. The knives we create with our 130 employees
are honest, solid, durable work tools.”

It is plain to see that the two Swabian specialists believe in manufacturing excellent products from high-quality materials, strive for consistent reliability and have a passion for product development. Their company and family, both deeply committed to their values, grew organically over time:
What started in a small forge in 1776 has become one of the world‘s leading suppliers of quality knives and accessories. Every day, more than
8,000 professional knives are produced at the factory in Winnenden. The Giesser product catalogue comprises more than 2,500 forged and stamped knives and accessories for the food processing industry.

Since the early 1980s, the company‘s global sales
have risen sevenfold. Butchers and caterers have
sworn by GIESSER knives for decades. “Side by
side, year by year,” Hans-Joachim Giesser remarked.
GIESSER moves with the times and adapts to the
needs of its customers.

“Personal contact with our customers is extremely important to us. We seek dialogue and are grateful for criticism, as it allows us to keep improving and advancing our products.”

Functional does not equal boring: for several years, the company has been striving to make its knives visually appealing with beautiful designs of excellent craftsmanship.


“We want our customers to enjoy holding our knives in their hands and looking at them,” the Managing Director says and goes on to explain the future of the Giesser family:
“Our new ‘PremiumCut’ series has stirred emotions. Specialist butchers and five-star chefs all over the world have shared their enthusiasm with us. We are currently exploring ways of producing our knives more sustainably to complement our economical use of resources.”

GIESSER has clearly carved out a niche for itself in the food processing and catering industries. One thing is certain: The 2018 conversion of the old Winnenden factory to a PremiumCut manufacture was both a milestone and a stepping stone to the future.

“We absolutely rely on our long-term industry partners, but PremiumCut also helps us address potential new target groups. Everyone‘s cut out for GIESSER knives, we’re sure of that.” The long tradition of the Giesser family remains on a firm growth trajectory.


“When we were kids, we spent a lot of time in the production hall. We were always surrounded by knives!
Our parents taught us to respect knifes, not to fear them.”


“We believe that sustainability is a business virtue. It goes without saying that our production is as environmentally friendly as possible.”


GIESSER has embraced sustainability on all levels as a fundamental virtue and a part of progressive management. We are committed to recycling resources such as exhaust heat and water in our manufacture. “Our advantage is that we only work
with three materials: steel, plastic and wood,” Hans-Joachim Giesser explains with regard to the company’s sparing use of resources. All waste steel is recycled in full; some of it is melted down and reused.

We also recycle coloured plastics. Once mixed into black plastics, they become
virtually invisible and make excellent handles. Hans-Joachim Giesser proudly emphasises: “Our methods are at the cutting edge of sustainability.”
And he wants to go even further. GIESSER is considering various approaches to optimising its knife disposal system, for example. It will be a long process, but we are tackling the task with confidence and optimism. When it comes to staff management, our guiding principles are loyalty and fairness: wherever possible, we
offer permanent employment to our apprentices and guarantee them durable, solid work in the Giesser family.



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