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WildLine - The new professional series for hunters, anglers and fans of the great outdoors.

Like all GIESSER knives, the WildLine series uses outstanding materials and features first-class workmanship, providing the right tool for every need – and every single one is incredibly sharp.

The WildLine series is ideal for dissecting game of any size. With a wide range of models tailored to various needs, we have the right selection to meet your individual requirements.

Precision and a really good feel for the knife are needed when working with fish.
The fine contours of our filleting knife ideally support delicate work on big fish, such as salmon or cod. The long, narrow, and flexible blade makes
it possible to slice close to the fish bones and cut thin, precise fillets. Our boning knife with its shorter, stable blade is particularly ideal for precise control
when working with smaller fish.

More information can be found in our new  >> WildLine Flyer 


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