Barbecue No. 1 Red Diamond

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30 cm
  • For all professionals, hobby cooks and barbecue enthusiasts who value something special
  • Especially for large pieces of meat, vegetables and fish
  • Precise and safe cutting
  • In an attractive wooden box
  • With protector for safe storage
  • Handle made of high quality acrylic
PremiumCut 30 cm

The BBQ No. 1 meat knife is unique because of its shape, texture and processing. The 30 cm long knife blade may at first glance frighten some. But please do not worry. The knife is not too heavy, can be used very precisely and safely. The sharpness produced in elaborate manual work supports and increases the advantages of the long blade. The universally applicable knife, whether as a meat knife or cooking knife, on the grill or in the kitchen, convinces by excellent cutting. Each cut becomes an experience. However, it is not only the manual work that is important in the production of this masterpiece. High-tech machines and plants are also of paramount importance at GIESSER. The blades are cured in the latest vacuum technology, heated to 1050 ° C and cooled down with nitrogen. 56-57 degrees of hardness are the result, thus, providing the guarantee for best cutting performance. GIESSER's knives specialists also attach great importance to the selection of the knife handles and their processing.

Red Diamond

Very exclusive is also the handle. The plates are made of high quality acrylic. Each  handle is unique, the shape of the handle is precisely adapted to the needs of the user. Therefore, the cooking knife is perfect in the hand and supports safe cutting in an excellent way. This special and valuable cooking knife should always be rinsed with care by hand and stored safely (out of the reach of children).


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