steak cutlery



The steak cutlery from GIESSER, one of the leading manufacturers of knives and accessories for the food processing industry and catering trade, is ideal for grilled meat with a crispy crust. And this is precisely why it is just the right tool in restaurants where prime-cut meat is prepared and served at a high level. Just like guests in gourmet restaurants, barbecue fans will also really appreciate this indispensible cutlery.


The particularly sharp blade of the steak knife made of high-grade special steel has a serrated edge and even tackles pieces of meat with hard crusts. The threefold riveted, ergonomically shaped handle remains firmly in your hand. Steak knives and steak forks are available in three different handle materials:


  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe POM plastic material (knife 8750 z 12 p, fork 9450 p)
  • Durable, hard Palisander wood (knife 8750 z 12, fork 9450)
  • Moisture-resistant olive wood (knife 8750 z 12 o, fork 9450 o)


Steak knives and steak forks are available individually as well as in the set of 2 (9751) with one knife and one fork or in the gift box set of 4 made of metal (9750) each with two knives and two forks.


The Steak Cutlery of GIESSER has been silver-medalled by the professional journal "K├╝che"  in the category of kitchen accesoires. We are very grateful for this price and we thank the magazine for organising the competition.



9450 | Steak fork, Palisander wood

8750 z-12 | Steak knife, Palisander wood

9450 o | Steak fork, Olive wood

8750 z-12 o | Steak knife, Olive wood

9450 p | Steak fork, POM

8750 z-12 p | Steak knife, POM

9751 | Steak cutlery, 2 pcs.

9750 | Steak cutlery, 4 pcs.