Primeline Asia


Unlike many imported products, both knives' blades are made of high quality, special stainless steel. Both the Yanagiba and Deba knives boast an especially sharp edge. The PrimeLine handles made of non-slip material offer a secure grip, ensure stability and protect against slipping.


The Yanagiba's long blade makes it ideally suited for filleting and slicing fish and meat. The Deba is traditionally used for preparing sushi.


The advantages of this knife are obvious:

  • Germany meets Asia – a unique mix of shape and functionality
  • High-quality blades with an especially sharp edge and handles made of non-slip material
  • Ideal for preparing sushi and sashimi


218815-24 | Yanagiba

218825-15 | Deba

218269 wwl-18 | Santoku knife

218269 sp-19 | Santoku knife 'Mano'

6665-17 | Slicer

6665-19 | Slicer

6665-21 | Slicer

8269-18 | Santoku knife