Sponsorship of apprentices



am 23. Februar 2016


The Max-Maier-Pokal is a gastronomy award for young professionals in apprenticeship in the region of Ahrweiler. The event is hosted by the Club der Köche Rhein-Ahr e.V. and was founded in 1974 by the widow of Max Maier to get a platform for young and motivated chefs.



Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark: Competition of butcher trainees

at the 5th of may 2015, LBS Gleinstätten

The GIESSER knife factory supports the styrian butcher learners and congratulates the winners.

1st place: Wolfgang Barmüller, Lehrbetrieb TANN

2nd place: Alexander Neuhold, Pichler GesmbH

3rd place: Anton Gartner, Turza Gmbh & Co KG.

4th place: Marietta Lipinska, Spanberger KG


Lehrlingswettbewerb der Fleischer, 5. Mai 2015, LBS GLeinstätten

© Foto Purkart

Der zweitplatzierte Alexander Neuhold, Pichler GsmbH

© Foto Purkart

Ehrenpreisträgerin Marietta Lipinska, Spanberger KG

© Foto Purkart